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Jan 7, 2011

How Many Mistakes Can You See Here?

See the list after jump :)

okay, here's the list of all mistakes:

- barn and chimney lack shadows
- curtains are outside
- dog's shadow in wrong direction
- field is plowed while still in harvest
- no latch or hinge in the fence
- fence shadow is kinda curved
- fence shadow is missing a latch
- fence shadow in wrong direction
- flowers on the wall have different colours
- grass where the man is standing is same height as the wall
- horse not lead by a farmer
- the man is a giant
- plow horse has saddle on it
- row is plowed ahead of the horse instead of behind
- sheep missing a leg
- sheep has a dog tail
- there are steps but no door
- wrong branch on a tree
- trees in background have no leaves
- wagon is not being pulled
- differens wheel sizes on the wagon
- wagon has wheel without axis
- water is not horizontal
- wheelbarrow has only one wheel
- different wind direction for trees and smoke


  1. Shadows facing wrong directions, wind blowing trees in opposite direction of smoke, and no bitch in the kitchen...

  2. nice one, Anonymous xD
    the source says there are 28 mistakes here Oo

  3. look at the trees leaning left but the smoke is actually going right, and the gate its straight flat wood, but the shadow shows that its kinda wavy, the sheep are so tiny, the long tree has a branch of a different kind of tree, that's all i can find, if it was in a good resolution people would find more

  4. There's what seems to be a welcome mat at the cottage but no door,trees in background are bare wintry looking while trees in foreground are full and green.The shadows are wrong and the wind is blowing the smoke and trees in different directions.

  5. gate has 5 strips and it's shadow has only 4 of them

  6. the horse is going to wrong direction

  7. the shadow of the dog is wrong direction...XD
    the shadow of the 2nd roof?? and the 2 trees in midle of the wheat field :P

  8. updated the post with the list of answers :)


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