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Sep 7, 2011

Top 10 Huge Movie Mistakes!

Have you ever noticed these bloops? I mean, they're COLOSSAL! How could we miss them?

See the top 10 most awesome ones!
Remember these two from Harry Potter?

Young Indy Jones got his bike from the future? O_o

This one was really hard to miss...

Mr. Sparrow, well done!

 One of my favorites - Star Wars troopers :)

It's been so long since Arnie shot those shells... 

Twilight-haters gonna loooove this one :3

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  1. i dont get indiana jones' bike being here . . first . . that isn't young indy jones . . that's Henry "Mutt Williams" Jones III in the movie . . indy's son . .

    second . . the movie was set in the year 1957 . . harley bikes were already in their near present look since the 1930s

    unless you can see the modern fuel injection and 6 speed transmission inside the bike . . then this picture doesn't really belong here . .

    should have done your research before REposting an article(that have been posted many times) here

  2. Hey there, anonymous :P
    Yes, it's said to be 1957. But the bike he rides is based on a newer Harley Davidson, with the modern day controls and Twin Cam motor. Should have been the panhead motor instead. It also has a front disc brake - you can see the master cylinder on the handlebar.
    Internetz is a one big repost dept. :)

  3. I'm not seeing the first Harry Potter one at all. Is it something to do with the window or the candles?

  4. if you zoom in you can see wires there :)

  5. I don't find any mistake in the Titanic pic???

  6. wow, you repeatedly show the pirates of the Caribbean pic with the addidas tag showing.
    Thats form a fucking ad addidas did, it was NOT in the movie dumbass!

  7. sam (girl)

    Some of these pics are so funny...hehehe...i am over it=)

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  9. Akonnor Owusu LarbiOctober 8, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    some photos will really discourage actors.....number one example is Harry Porter

  10. Each and every pictures giving some information for uss....thats great we can analysis that...

  11. These type of Mistake can not forget it in the Movie.

  12. I thought making the movie Twilight WAS the mistake


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