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Mar 2, 2011

Top 15 Most Horrible Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

Keep your kids away from  these pics!

Amanda Lepore

Dolly Parton

Heidi Montag

Jackie Stallone

Janice Dickinson

Joan Van Ark

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Latoya Jackson

Donatella Versace
Joan Rivers

Michaela Romanini

Bruce Jenner

Carrot Top

Kenny Rogers

Michael Jackson


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  3. OMG. The doctor that keeps creating these freak faces must be stopped. Absolutely hideous.

  4. Defying age and looking different are not the true purpose of plastic surgery. It's true that its essence is to reconstruct damaged body parts or improve others. But since this era is more focused on perfection, we can always have one or two surgeries - but not more than that. We should always keep in mind that too much of something is never good for anyone.

  5. I think that Heidi Montag shouldn't be mentioned in that list cause even know she look a lot better before, the other celebrities look like monsters compared to her.

  6. Horrible indeed. They're celebrities and I'm expecting they can pay for the best surgeons. Is this all their great surgeons can do?


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  8. These type of Celebrity are so Looking Gorgeous and Mind Blowing after the Plastic Surgery.

  9. My skin isn't as tight as it used to be but I'm 42 and I doubt a plastic surgeon would do a Facelift surgery on me. But how can you tell if your skin is taught or loose?

  10. Michaela Romanini she was beautiful before. She kinda looks like a drag queen sad.


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